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Yoni Massage Melbourne

‘Yoni’ is the Sanksrit word for vagina. In Tantric philosophy, the yoni is the seat of a woman’s feminine essence. Yoni massage is a powerful way to open and heal a woman’s primal energy, allowing for a fully-embodied expression of her self and sexuality. With over 10 years experience, Vanessa is an expert in creating a safe and nurturing environment for women.

Rediscover Your Primal Life Energy

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A Tantric Bodywork Offering For Women

Modern life is often fast-paced and non-stop, with few opportunities for genuine self-care and nourishment. In today’s culture, women have been disconnected from their feminine essence, taught to play small, be quiet, and to hide their sexuality. These layers of conditioning run deep and go back many generations. Yoni massage has been developed to assist women in releasing this conditioning, and to allow for deep healing of past trauma.

Emotional Release Through Massage

Often when we experience difficult emotions such as anger, guilt or shame, our instinct is to create a psychological wall and push away whatever is arising. Unfortunately, what we resist, persists. These unprocessed emotions get stored within our body, and can become blockages to our wellbeing, or inhibit our sexual expression and experiences. Yoni massage helps to unblock and release these stuck emotions and open you up to an expanded state of being. In doing so, we redefine and liberate the orgasm.

What can Yoni Massage help me with?

  • Overcome blockages to your sexuality
  • Reduce numbness and pain inside of the yoni
  • Increase libido
  • Transform sexual shame and inhibitions into self-love
    Discover a deeper full body state of surrender and acceptance
  • Help your inability to orgasm
  • Uncover an authentic connection back to your empowered feminine self
  • Emotional contentment
  • Lack of sensitivity
  • Freedom from guilt
  • Sexual Liberation
We start with breathing exercises. First to be massaged will be the other areas of the your body, giving you time to relax. 
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Orgasm is indeed a welcome benefit in the yoni massage, but it’s not the primary focus.

Tantra takes a holistic approach to wellbeing and personal evolution, and doesn’t focus solely on one area. All aspects of life are interrelated, and so the session engages the whole person, not simply sexuality.

The yoni massage is in a comfortable and safe space. Every effort has been made to allow you to fully drop into the session and experience the deep healing that Tantra offers.

"Within a few moments after meeting Vanessa, all my nervousness was completely pushed aside by how genuine and friendly she is. Just talking with Vanessa really helped with discovering what i needed to connect my mind and body as one. Her massage had relaxed my body like i had never experienced before. This was my first yoni massage and in all honesty, i would highly recommend this to every woman! My first experience will certainly not be my last. Thank you Vanessa"
The yoni massage I had received from Vanessa was a truly heart warming experience. I went in with only a little knowledge of tantra and what it was all about but I left with so much more. Vanessa had a lovely warming soul and made the space very calm and nurturing. She was able to make me feel very safe and checked in with me throughout the whole journey. Vanessa was able to help me recognise how much stress and emotion my body was holding onto and how to let it all out. The little ritual before and after the massage was so beautiful and loving. I left feeling at peace with myself and I found a new love for my body and my yoni.


Vanessa’s sessions are open to women of all ages and experience levels. Please contact to discuss any questions that you may have prior to booking. $95 deposit due to book. 


$420 / 3 Hours

Yoni Massage Melbourne: Sessions last up to 3 hours, after which you will most likely feel quite sensitive and open. As such, it is highly advisable that you allow some time after the session to relax and allow the work to integrate.

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Vanessa's Techniques

The sessions with Vanessa incorporate a variety of techniques she has learnt in her 10+ years of training. One such technique is called ‘Focusing’, a therapy developed by Eugene Gendlin which involves bringing the clients’ awareness to their inner atmosphere, or ‘felt sense’. This is a very powerful technique to make sure you drop into a space in which their innate healing capacity flourishes. The path of Tantra emphasises the importance of this inner wisdom each of us carries within.

Another technique that forms the foundation of Vanessa’s sessions is pranayama, or more commonly known as breathwork. The Tantrics and Yogis have utilised the breath for thousands of years as a tool for healing and transformation. When we’re consciously connected to our breath, we’re able to properly regulate our central nervous system. As our nervous system reaches a state of equilibrium (when the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are harmonised), both our bodies and minds follow suit.

Another technique that Vanessa incorporates within her yoni massage therapy is known as ‘de-armouring’. This carefully guided process helps the client to bring loving awareness to areas of stored tension within the body and inside the yoni. 

The tension that most of us carry is the result of years of suppresed and repressed emotions that we never had the space to express, sometimes even stretching back into early childhood. Our bodies unfortunately hold on to these swallowed emotions, which often manifest later in life in a wide array of dysfunctions or disorders.

Yoni Mapping

Yoni mapping is also a key aspect of the sessions. The seat of a woman’s feminine power is her yoni, otherwise known as her vagina. Sadly, women’s sexuality has been largely shamed and pushed out of sight by Western culture, dating back many generations. This inter-generational conditioning is felt by most women within our society, and has led to a painful disconnection between women and their yonis. Yoni mapping is an incredibly powerful technique that allows women, often for the first time ever, to truly know and connect to their yonis. 

Vanessa lovingly guides women through the key areas of their yonis, including the inner and outer lips, G spot, A spot and cervix.

A cornerstone of the sessions is Vanessa’s willingness to generously share her wisdom and insight about women’s health and wellbeing. Her sessions include information such as creating a healthy and toned pelvic floor, why many yonis are numb or don’t experience pleasure, and the variety of different orgasms available to a woman. 

Vanessa also teaches communication and boundaries to help empower women to make choices that are aligned with their truth. Vanessa also offers coaching on the use of yoni eggs and wands, which are both beautiful tools that can assist in healing and strengthening a yoni.

Every session is held within a sacred space that Vanessa has created to make sure you feel safe, held and cared for throughout your healing process. Vanessa is indebted to many great teachers from different lineages, and it is her pleasure to pass these teachings on to you.