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Yoni Massage Melbourne

A yoni massage is one of the most pleasurable and spiritually awakening experiences a woman can receive. Gently progressing over an extended period of time, the woman is invited into her own body through breathing techniques and physical touch, and taken on a journey of pure pleasure and expansion.

Rediscover Your Sexual Energy

Tantric Bodywork For Women

Many women find it difficult to orgasm, and some even go their entire lives without experiencing one. As a liberated woman in the modern age, your pleasure is your birthright. Awyn has worked with many women to uncover the physical and emotional blockages that prevent women from having orgasms.
- Move out of your mind and into your body
- Discover new techniques to increase pleasure
- Understand your own body more
- Experience a mind-blowing orgasm
- Become a multi-orgasmic woman,

Emotional Release Through Massage

Awyn offers a tantric massage experience for women that works on all levels of the human physiology to help release uncomfortable and inhibiting conditioning of your primal life-energy.

It also offers those who are sexually comfortable to expand their energy even further.

As our primal life-energy becomes liberated through this therapeutic whole body massage, we open ourselves to experience a deep state of relaxation, and emotional, spiritual and sexual freedom.

When we feel connected to our primal life-energy, we are stronger, more confident, and emotionally healthy.

How can Yoni Massage help?

Regardless of where you are at in your sexual journey, there is always room for improvement! 

Awyn offers practical techniques for female clients to explore:

  • Understanding your own body and pleasure
  • Deepening into your sexual experience
  • Powerful meditation and relaxation
  • Learning how to experience a full-body orgasm
  • An enormous amount of pleasure!


The woman’s body is a vast temple of orgasmic and ecstatic potential just waiting to be discovered. Awyn offers very practical and hands-on techniques to help you to understand your own body and pleasure. Reclaim your orgasm today.

You will walk away from the session with the tools to immediately implement into your life to deepen your sexual understanding, increase pleasure, and vastly improve your relationships and sexual experiences.

Awyn has worked with countless female clients, delivering mind-blowing yoni massages and bringing them to their full orgasmic potential. If a mind-blowing pleasurable experience is something that you are interested in, then click below to get in touch. 

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