Women’s Sexuality is the most important factor in her inner growth and empowerment. Yoni eggs are natural healers it helps in several ways to improve women’s sexuality and wellbeing. In this page, we will go through diverse aspect a of yoni egg, also help you understand and choose an egg for yourself. 

What are yoni eggs? 

‘Yoni’ is a term used for vagina in ancient Sanskrit language, In tantra, yoni has a very sacred place, it is oftentimes called the “sacred space”. Tantra asserts that sexual energy is a life force and if awakened helps tap into the universal consciousness. Yoni eggs are oval gemstone which is smooth and polished. They are made out of semi-precious stones like rose quartz, amethyst and jade. It helps to make your pelvic muscle strength and is said to have various benefits which we will explain in this page. 


yoni eggs types
Different types of yoni eggs
Various benefits of using a yoni egg

As the egg directly goes inside the vagina, it helps make the pelvic muscle strong and heals your inner vaginal walls. It also helps in your orgasms and is reported to increase the intensity of your orgasms.

Yoni eggs further massage your yoni from inside and help the flow of hormones. It also makes you more aware of your feminine centre and in tune with your sexual energy. It is also said to heal you physiologically and helps you recover from past sexual traumas. Regular use of yoni eggs can help your reproductive organs to stay healthy. 

How to use the yoni egg? 

It’s quite simple actually. Use some lube and lubricate the egg and insert it inside your vagina, it should go in smoothly. The egg once inside is held in the vaginal sphincter muscle. The use of your egg depends entierly on you or suggestions from a therapist. Typically you can keep it for an hour to stretching it up to a whole day, and don’t worry it won’t get lost inside your womb. When you want to get it out just give a little push to your pelvic floor muscles and it will flop out.



Yoni egg is a very intimate object and often treated very ritualistically.  It offers great benefits and invoking an intent while using it can be a good thing. It is also said that yoni eggs soak their energy from the moon, so don’t forget put it out to charge up once in a while in full moon night. If you can get in a routine with your egg, it forms an intimate relationship and you can start to feel different sensations. You can also play with it using your inner muscles and help it heal the womb. Reportedly you can do yoga and exercises while using your yoni egg which gives a very different kind of experience. Sleeping over-night with your egg is also recommended, it will give the egg time to go in various parts of the womb and heal it. You can feel a shift in consciousness with regular use of yoni eggs.

Where to buy yoni eggs? 

Yoni eggs have grown in following in these past years, and there are several places to choose online or offline.

One of the best ways to get your egg is to consult a tantra or sexual therapist, there are many kinds of eggs out there and the therapist can guide you to choose the best one suited for you. Interestingly some therapist and physic who deals with yoni eggs also give you a ritual with it to make you more in tune with your sexual energy.

Secondly, if you can’t find a therapist, you can find yoni eggs online. 

This is a place we recommend 

Every woman who is in the path of self-discovery and inner growth and wants to explore their sexuality should try yoni eggs. It will make you feel more grounded and centred in yourself. If you are a man, this could a very intimately beautiful gift for your beloved partner. 

Yoni is sacred and it should be treated with respect and love, and yoni eggs are one of the best ways of doing that.