Tantric Bodywork
Offering for women

tantra massage

Tantra Melbourne is located in St Kilda East

Rediscover and Express
Your Primal Life Energy

Tantra Melbourne offers a service for women that works on all levels of the human physiology to help release uncomfortable and inhibiting conditioning of your primal life-energy.

It also offers those who are sexually comfortable to expand their energy even further.

As our primal life-energy becomes liberated through a therapeutic tantric massage of the whole body, we open ourselves to experience a deep state of relaxation, and emotional, spiritual and sexual freedom.

When we feel connected to our primal life-energy, we are stronger, more confident, and emotionally healthy.


Tantric massage information For Women

Tantra Melbourne is open to women of all ages and experience levels. Please contact Vanessa to discuss any questions that you may have prior to booking. $70 deposit due to book. 

What can a Yoni Massage help with?

  • Overcome blockages to your sexuality
  • Reduce numbness and pain inside of the yoni
  • Increase libido
  • Transform sexual shame and inhibitions into self-love
  • Discover a deeper full body state of surrender and acceptance
  • Help your inability to orgasm
  • Uncover an authentic connection back to your empowered feminine self
  • Emotional contentment
  • Lack of sensitivity
  • Freedom from guilt
  • Sexual liberation


3 Hours - $390


"Before this experience, I had no idea what a Tantric massage really is. Thank you, Vanessa, for helping me navigate my thoughts and feelings so I could experience a deeper level of body sensations and emotions"


"I came in to to see you feeling totally disconnect from my body, myself and my boyfriend. When the session finished, I felt so much love for my boyfriend again. I just wanted to go home and share this experience with him. Two days later and I feel so alive. I am choosing to take care of myself first and that changed everything around me. Life is colourful again"