Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex:​ A way to awaken your creative & healing powers with tantra.

Tantric Sex
Tantric Sex is the specialty of utilizing your sexual energy. 

What strikes your mind when you hear about tantric sex? People might think it’s about taking part in wired love-making postures and tantric rituals. 

Tantric Sex might involve various postures depicted in “kama sutra” but it is not just that. It means to make love consciously and awaken your sexual energy for your spiritual growth.

Building up your sexual energy

Sexual energy is a very powerful energy when built up inside you can have transforming effects. It can reduce your stress and make you healthy. In tantric sex, you build up the energy before making love which makes it very intense and orgasmic. 

You will notice that when you have a quickie, you are not quite satisfied, but if you can build up your sexual energy then when you finally cum, it will feel amazingly rejuvenated and relive a lot more stress.

The tantric method of lovemaking

In tantra, lovemaking is a ritual and is regarded as very sacred. It’s not a typical sex act and partners are not motivated by hormones, they seek spiritual growth and understanding, tantric sex helps in bonding together in a very profound way. In a particular session, the partners abstain from climax and retain their sexual energy, to gain the ability to control their sexual urges.

It helps give them more control of their being and moves the sexual energy throughout the body. 

Tantric sex progresses slowly and is not be rushed. You take time to explore your partner’s body, feel their breath and energy. Every action is to be taken with consciousness, you and your partner are fully aware and respectful to each other body. Sexual energy is a very powerful force and treating with respect and gratitude is important. With the right intention, it can transform human consciousness. 

You can use tantric sex to transform your sexual energy to heal someone or yourselves. Your intention drives your actions and if your intentions are pure then it can have a healing effect on you or anyone you are sending it to. It also can make you active and creative.

Tantric sex doesn’t necessarily mean to reach orgasm, the whole art is to move your sexual energy through your body, which will transform your being in a very different way.  

Tantric sex is worth exploring and definitely will give you a new and different kind of experience. It can transform the way you approach your sexuality.

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