Tantric Meditation:​ Powerful and Effective

Tantric Meditation: Powerfull & Effective

tantric meditation

A basic knowledge of tantra is neccesary to understand tantric meditation. Your tantra teacher may ask you – what do sex and meditation have in common? The answer is that they both have the mind as the primary participant. In fact, the mind is the most important sexual organ. Imagine trying to have sex without being able to think about the act… without building up mental anticipation first and without perceiving and processing our partner’s sexual attraction. It is impossible.

Tantra meditation takes cognizance of the fact that there is no such thing as mindless sex. Your tantra teacher will instruct you in honing the mind into a highly evolved, powerful sexual tool.

With tantra meditation, intimate partners learn to approach the sexual act with complete mindfulness. With tantric meditation, sex is no longer just carnal lust and gratification but becomes something spiritual. Inhibitions, reservations and self-doubt dissolve under the advance of complete awareness of the act, the desire that drives it and the object of desire. Objectification of the sexual partner ceases, and a worshipful mind-set takes its place. The tantra god and tantra goddess engage each other at the mind level, and only proceed to the level of sacred sex.

Tantra meditation may lead to actual sex, but a physical encounter is by no means the only objective. Your tantra master will make it very clear that the most important objective of tantric meditation is complete mindfulness of the partner and of oneself. The sexual energy that exists between the intimate partners is examined and cherished at the mind level, and this itself can be far more exciting and fulfilling than even a full-body orgasm.

In practicing tantra meditation under a qualified tantric teacher, the students of tantra discover and explore the sacred aspects of their love for each other. Done correctly and consistently, it is a deeply transforming experience that cannot be matched by mere joining of bodies at the physical level.

In the basic format of tantric meditation, the partners sit quietly in front of each other. They sit neither too near nor too far apart. They may be clothed or naked, and they may look upon each other or sit with their eyes closed. Either way, they are opening up a channel for tantra energy to flow freely between them.

If sex is to follow, the partners should decide on a period in which they will first engage in complete mindfulness and meditation before sex ensues. In this period, they will engage in tantra breathing and maintain a worshipful silence. Initially, their tantric master will guide their thoughts so that they do not stray from the desired focus.

If you are eager to explore the transformative powers of tantra meditation, you should seek out an experienced tantric teacher who can initiate and guide you into it. It is a grievous mistake to practice tantra without such expert guidance, since amateur attempts can seriously contaminate any spiritual pursuit.

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