Tantric Massage for Women? Let’s Find Out!

tantric massage

Women love massages and a good massage always put their mood right. It is one of the best to relax and pamper yourself. So if you are a woman, you should try a tantric massage.

Wondering what tantric massage is? 

Tantric massage for women which is also called ‘yoni massage’ is very pleasurable and intimate. It comes from ancient knowledge of tantra. 

In this massage, a therapist creates a beautiful ambience with candles, incenses and soulful music. She/he then evokes the healing spirits before starting the massage. The sensual touch during this massage is very mindful and helps awaken your senses throughout your body including your nether regions. It will make you aware of your sexual energy.

Benefits of a tantric massage 

It has both physical and psychological benefits. It’s a conscious massage that helps with past traumas and helps the flow of your sexual energy. 

It also helps you understand your body and remove your blockages. It releases your stress and makes you feel rejuvenated. It also helps become more conscious about your feminine energy, how different parts of your body react when the energy flows through them. Overall it can be a very exhilarating experience. 

Where to get a tantric massage?

There are various spaces to get tantric massages and you can find them online easily. You can go through their profiles. If you are not convinced by the listing you find, you can directly contact them to clear your doubts before booking a session. Make sure to check out their skills and certifications. Most therapists offering tantric massages are certified, massage therapist, they also have done courses on healing and tantra.

If you are around melbourne, you can check out our website for more details. Vanessa is a professional tantra therapist and certified masseuse. You can contact her here

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