Tantric Love: The Art of Tantric Love Making

Tantric Love

Tantra asserts that love-making can be used as a divine form of worship. Tantric love-making is an ancient knowledge from Hindu and Buddhist traditions and is over 5000 years old. It is one of the paths to higher consciousness and self-awareness practised in the east for thousands of years. 

What is tantric love-making?

Tantra is an art of making love consciously. It’s slow and involves subtle gestures and movements. In tantra, love-making is very sacred and is gain self-awareness and use your sexual energy to reach peaks of higher consciousness. It starts with consciously gazing at each other’s eyes while sitting naked in a yoga posture. It is very meditative and having prior experience of meditation and calmer mind is useful. It helps create an energy transference between you and your partner, once you are feeling the sexual energy rising and you feel there is a connection happening, you slowly start touching and caressing each other. Gently kissing and exploring each other is and going slowly is important, while being conscious and aware. 

Tantric love-making is slow and each step takes plenty of time, it builds up the energy for deeper sexual encounter and pleasure. In tantra, it’s not about reaching orgasm, but to awaken and move your sexual energy throughout your body, it can lead to multiple intense orgasms even before having actual intercourse if your energies are moving in the right way. Tantra requires both partner’s intent and understanding while making-love, it’s very important to put an intent out as to how you want to grow. This type of love-making releases a tremendous amount of healing energies which can be used in healing each other or transmitting to another person. 

Tantra also recommends having a fit body and doing regular yoga can help with the flow of energy and flexibility. This helps in tantric love-making sessions, as the energy moves beautifully in your body.

Why should you try tantric love?

Tantric love-making is very intense and uplifting, it can give a very deep relaxation and deeper understanding of you and your partner. It also creates a strong bonding between partners. It rejuvenates your entire being and revitalizes your senses. 

Osho, A great contemporary master of this age has said that love-making is a way to super consciousness and he is talking about tantric love-making. Humankind has often condemned sex and see it as indulgent and animalistic. Osho says that’s not the case, sexual energy is the creative force of the universe

and being aware of it will help you become more conscious and aware.

Tantric love is very exciting and spiritually enlightening at the same time. I recommend you to try it with your partner and open the doors to cosmic realms.

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