Here is what just a few of my customers have said. I look forward to you joining them. 

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My first session with Vanessa was so much more than I expected. From the very beginning I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. Vanessa engaged and guided me with clear verbal and tactile communication. What I experienced I had read of but had always assumed was exaggerated. I was profoundly affected for days afterwards and believe I will be forever thankful to her.
Vanessa’s delightful nature shines brightly from her easy smile. She is an extraordinarily skilled and beautiful person.

Chris H

Just wanted to say a big thanks for yesterday. You managed to explain how easy (and yet hard) Tantra can be. I certainly feel you have given me many more tools to move forward. I have started the day being in the present and dropping the shield, my goal is take it an hour at a time and keep checking in with myself to see how I am doing. I am sure it there will be many times when I gravitate back to the head. But as you said there really is only the present and that should be experienced truly and not through a prism of the past or the future.
Your offer of ongoing advice and support is very generous and most welcome. I look forward to booking another session with you for my wife and I.


The tantric massage that I received from Vanessa was truly a beautiful experience. Vanessa was able to create a safe and nurturing space, where I was able to comfortably drop in and release a lot of old traumas that I had been holding on to. Initially, I had very little understanding of tantric massages, Vanessa was very knowledgeable and clear with the whole experience. She was approachable and helped answer any questions or worries that I had. Vanessa was able to make me feel very safe, as well as making sure to check in with me prior and after the massage. This effort before and after the massage was amazing, it helped me to release and let go of any fears and judgements that I was holding on to. I would highly recommend Vanessa with my whole heart, you are completely in safe, loving arms with her. I believe everyone should experience a tantric massage. Thank you. Vanessa, you have helped me to heal, grow and to sexually open my mind through this experience. You are an incredible facilitator and I will always be grateful.