Prostate Massage Melbourne

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The prostate is one of the greatest untapped pleasure centres of the body

The prostate gland, often referred to as the ‘sacred spot’, is known as the centre of a man’s emotions and sexuality. Stimulation here can create deep feelings of acceptance, joy and bliss, leading to the most sublime orgasm you have ever experienced!! 

Prostate massage is transformative and deeply relaxing and has been described as “better than sex”. Can you allow yourself to fully receive, without trying to “do” or “be” anything? It’s healing, relaxing, and deeply pleasurable. You won’t be disappointed!

With anal massage your pleasure horizons will be expanded beyond your wildest imaginings! 

*Please note: Unlike with medical touch, no penetration of your anus will occur unless your body is ready. The anus will open like the blossoming of a rosebud when it is ready to receive, and I will honour this blossoming. 


2 Hours - $450

These sessions are open to Melbourne men of all ages and experience levels. 

Please contact Luna to discuss any questions you may have prior to booking. 

Session pricing is $450 for a 2 hour session.