Lingam Massage

Tantra For Men

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Rediscover an authentic connection back to your empowered masculine self

A Lingam massage offers deep sexual and emotional healing for men, intense pleasure, even the sensation of full-body orgasm.It is pure relaxation, where nothing is expected of you. 

As a man’s primal sexual-energy becomes set free through this type of massage, he opens himself up to experience deeper spiritual, sexual and emotional freedom. He is stronger, more confident, healthier, attracts better relationships.

How Can Lingam Massage Help You?


2 Hours - $400

Marcus' review

"I was a little apprehensive yesterday before the session, but today I’m feeling incredibly relaxed, confident and genuinely happy. I feel awakened. Better than I’ve been for quite some time. Thank you so much"

Tesfaye's review

"I would like to say thank you for the amazing session and the value you added to me over the conversations we had, I learned so much and walk away feeling like I was floating. You are a born healer and I can’t wait to be back to Melbourne and see you again"

The Session

Once your body is relaxed from traditional breathing exercises, meditation, and a full-body massage, we move the focus to your Lingam.

The Lingam Massage is done with love and respect. You will experience a variety of strokes and new forms of touch and pleasure. 

This is an opportunity for you to move beyond the regular level and pattern of Lingam touch (either by yourself or with a partner).

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy and it will be spread around your entire body. 

You may feel emotions, start laughing, crying. All this gives you the opportunity for profound healing. You may also experience a full-body or energetic orgasm, however there are no expectations placed on you for this. 

As the session comes to a close, you are given an opportunity to fully integrate and distribute the energy. 

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These sessions are open to men of all ages and experience levels. 

Please contact Luna to discuss any questions you may have prior to booking. 

Session pricing is $400 for a 2 hour session.