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Melbourne Lingam Massage

Lingam is the Sanskrit word meaning “wand of light”. It is used to describe the penis. In tantra, the lingam is respected. A Lingam Massage offers deep healing, intense pleasure and even full-body orgasms. It is pure relaxation, when nothing is expected of you – this is something that men rarely get. 

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What are the benefits?

  1. Boost your libido
  2. Strengthen your masculine energy and power
  3. Master how to non-ejaculate
  4. Experience full body orgasm
  5. Heal sexual trauma
  6. Clear bad sexual conditionings 
  7. Re-sensitise your penis
  8. Overcome erectile dysfunction
  9. Overcome premature ejaculation
  10. Become multi-orgasmic

The Massage

Once your body is relaxed from traditional breathing exercises, meditation, and the full body massage, we move the focus to your lingam, offering full presence and admiration. 

The lingam massage is done with love and respect. I will use a variety of strokes, so that you experience new forms of touch and pleasure. 

This is an opportunity for you to move beyond the normal pattern of touching your lingam (either by your lover or yourself).

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy and it will be spread around your entire body. 

You may feel emotions, start laughing, crying. All this gives you the opportunity for profound healing. You may also experience a full body or energetic orgasm, however there are no expectation placed on you for this. 

As the session comes to a close, you are given an opportunity to fully integrate and distribute the energy. 

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