Health Benefits of Tantric Yoga

Tantric Yoga

When starting this form of yoga, you should focus on the head and spine alignment. This will help you avoid over-flexing your cervical spine. The first posture involves bringing your legs behind your head. Avoid over-flexing the cervical spine by not bringing your legs too far behind your head. To avoid over-flexing, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Begin at the top of your head and work your way down to your feet. Hold this posture for at least 5 minutes.


Apart from its health benefits, tantric yoga also helps in improving your sexuality. This type of yoga can be used to treat sexual health problems and stimulate the pituitary gland. It also increases circulation, thereby stimulating the release of the hormones HGH, oxytocin, and serotonin. These hormones play a pivotal role in the maintenance of health and promote the regeneration of tissues and muscles. It is an excellent way to get rid of depression, stress, and other physical ailments. Furthermore, Tantric Yoga helps in strengthening the immune system.

There are two major types of tantric yoga. White tantra is aimed at solo practice and red tantra involves sexuality. White tantra focuses on meditation while red tantra aims at sexuality and kinship. Among the different benefits of tantric yoga, breathing is one of the most important aspects. In addition to this, it increases your body’s flexibility. The practice helps you in building a deeper bond with your partner and helps in achieving a positive outlook in life.

Apart from enhancing sexuality, Tantric yoga also boosts your stamina and libido. It also helps in enhancing climaxes. By cultivating kundalini throughout the body, Tantric yoga enhances sex life. For a more rewarding sexual experience, start practicing daily. So, get your partner and yourself healthy and happy. You can even try it in bed.

As with any other form of yoga, tantric yoga helps in amplifying your potential. By practicing it regularly, you will experience an enlarged erection and orgasms. You will also have more energy and be more intuitive. Tantric yoga improves your immune system and boosts your body’s immunity. It also increases the amount of immunoglobulins and antibodies. The benefits of tantric yoga are numerous and well worth your time.

As a result of its emphasis on unity, tantric yoga helps you to better understand yourself and your surroundings. This is a particularly useful skill during polarizing times. It teaches you to look at things in a nonjudgmental way. By gaining a greater awareness of your inner self, you can start enhancing your relationships. These benefits will come to you in time. If you are serious about learning the art of tantric yoga, you can achieve more satisfaction in all aspects of your life and enjoy the long-term effects of regular practice.


The philosophy of tantric yoga is based on the belief that our energy is a dualistic force. This dualistic concept is embodied in the teachings of Patanjali’s yoga sutras. The two guiding principles of tantra are advaita and dvaita, respectively. In the tantric tradition, this energy is both masculine and feminine, and manifests in many forms.

According to this philosophy, the ego is a limited and undeveloped force. The individual is limited by their ego, but the practice of tantra helps us overcome these limitations. By letting go of ego-driven thought patterns, we can achieve the highest levels of our being. Tantrics call this the Lila. Ultimately, our thoughts and feelings are the source of our experiences. Tantrics also teach us to live in the present moment, as the only thing that exists in the present is the eternal now.

There are many traditions that claim the origin of yoga is in the Vedic system. However, there is another viewpoint that claims that Tantra is an entirely separate discipline from yoga. In fact, both systems originated in a similar way. The early shamanistic system worshipped both the male and female principles of creation, and later evolved into Tantra. In this way, Tantric philosophy has influenced the practice of yoga and Ayurveda, which are based on the teachings of Sadashiva.

Although the philosophy of Tantra emphasizes renunciation of worldly practices, modern-day practitioners do not need to give up worldly activities. Instead, the philosophy of Tantric yoga encourages individual experimentation and self-realization. Tantra is the translation of two words, “tattva” and “mantra,” which refer to the study of cosmic principles and mystic sound and vibrations. The philosophy of Tantric yoga is an application of these principles in the pursuit of spiritual ascendancy.

The philosophy of Tantric yoga teaches us how to connect the mind, body, and spirit. The yogic practice of meditation reflects this connection. By studying these texts, Clara and Stephanie have created a powerful new practice that can empower Western students. As they study the philosophy of Tantric yoga, they will be able to appreciate the richness of meditation practices that are found in Tantric Yoga. The second re-emergence of Tantra is taking place globally. As Westerners become more interested in the art of yoga, they will discover the profound wealth of its spiritual teachings.


You can use Tantric Yoga techniques to make your love life more fulfilling. The techniques involve holding a partner’s body in close proximity and making eye contact. You can also try various postures that encourage prolonged touch. These poses are appropriate for people of all sizes, so even your partner who is slightly smaller than you can still enjoy these benefits. Seated Spinal Twist is a good pose to try if you are trying to deepen your connection with your partner.

When practiced correctly, Tantric Yoga techniques can help you build a stronger bond with your partner. You’ll have to take turns holding each other in different positions, which makes your practice of Tantric Yoga even more enjoyable. In addition, the bond between you and your partner will deepen and take on new meaning as you practice together. In a world of polarizing opinions, Tantric Yoga techniques can help you look at issues objectively and from a new perspective.

In addition to holding hands, tantric yoga exercises can also involve touching genitals and fondling the feet. Some tantric yoga techniques can involve rubbing the legs with the hands, while other techniques can involve kissing and nuzzling the feet. For those who love intimate eye contact, merging is the best technique for you. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can enjoy it with your partner. It’s a great way to get a closer connection with your partner, as you’re able to take turns riding each other while enjoying the same sensation.

The first book on this topic, Tantric Yoga and Healing, provides clear and reliable information about the ancient practice of yookcho. The yookcho techniques evolved from the self-treatment of tantric virtuosi during retreat. These Tibetan yogi-doctors saw its immediate medical benefits and began to apply them to ordinary people. These reorientations demonstrate the compassionate heart of the practitioners and show the compassion of the Tantric tradition.

While the tantra philosophies are diverse, many practices are similar. In general, the practice of a tantric technique will focus on the kundalini energy flowing up the nadis and chakras of the body. There are many different styles of tantra and the methods vary widely. You can read about them by visiting websites dedicated to tantric experts. There is also a wealth of literature and information on the subject.

Philosophy of Tantric Hatha Yoga

The philosophy of Tantric Hatha Yoga is based on the idea that the whole universe is a manifestation of the Divine. Tantric yoga involves a variety of physical postures and breathing techniques that aim to balance prana (life force) in the nadis. These nadis are intermediate points of awareness between physical and subtle states of consciousness, and they stimulate kundalini and other higher-level meditation. While many yoga practices aim to stimulate the chakras, which are believed to be connected to the mind, emotions, and spirituality, the philosophy of Tantric Hatha Yoga applies to the physical body, the subtle, and the mental.

The philosophy of Tantric Hatha Yoga has many facets, but one of the most important is the ability to increase the overall energy level of the body. This process can be accomplished by improving the body’s efficiency by increasing its blood flow. Hatha yoga exercises directly affect the detectable electrical field in the body. By focusing on a specific part of the body, you will increase the flow of blood, lymph fluid, and other important substances. In addition, twisting the neck will stimulate the thyroid gland, a key player in regulating the production and function of various hormones.

The philosophy of Tantric Hatha Yoga is deeply rooted in the nadis. Each of these pathways is associated with pleasure, which in tantra is the feeling of enjoyment in the body. This principle implies that everything should give pleasure, including sexual intercourse. This may seem counterintuitive at first, but Tantrics believe that all things should give pleasure. However, this theory is not supported by science.

In modern times, a transnational “hatha” yoga style has emerged, leaving behind the model laid out in the ancient texts. While traditional hatha yoga emphasizes the physical practice of yoga asana, it emphasizes subtle physiology, such as working with the body’s nadis. This practice also places the emphasis on working with the body and mind in order to achieve a deeper state of consciousness.