Frequently Asked Questions

Men: 2 hour session, $395

Women: 3 hour session, $445

Not too far from Melbourne CBD. You will be given the address upon booking. Please contact.

A Tantric Massage is a form of massage that works on all levels of our being, from the physical, through to the mental and emotional. This massage works to release deeply held baggage that no longer serves you, leaving you feeling lighter, more peaceful and with an expanded capacity for intimacy. Tantric Massage is therapeutic.

Tantra is an ancient Indian spiritual practice that works closely with kundalini energy (our primal, sexual energy). The various practices found within this tradition prepare the body for spiritual liberation (i.e. a deep sense of peacefulness and acceptance). This Tantric Massage session has its roots in this practice.

Yes. Our Couples Tantra practitioner, Vanessa, specialises in working with couples (tantra training and tantra massage). The session is catered specifically to your needs/desires as a couple. Throughout the session you will learn various exercises and practices you can take home. These have been developed to assist you and your partner to discover more intimacy and connection.

No. The massage therapist remains fully clothed.

Yes, however this depends on you and what we are working with. Your comfort and wellbeing is the priority.

Due to the power of these sessions, it is recommended that before and after the session you make an effort to enter into a meditative/relaxed state. Ideally, alcohol and other stimulants should be avoided for 24 hours before and after to assist the healing process.

In Luna’s private and safe studio.

The sessions for men run for 2 hours, and 3 hours for women.

Generally people feel an expanded sense of awareness, more aliveness in the body, much more self-acceptance, a greater confidence and healthier, stronger sense of their sexuality. Often, emotions arise throughout the session which we are able to process and release, leaving you lighter and freer.

If you’re on this website, reading these questions, there is a part of you that is seeking healing. Despite the stories you tell yourself, or whether you even feel worthy of healing, this work holds huge potential for just about anyone. 

No. Under no circumstances are other people allowed in the room, even if it’s your partner.

Yes. It is natural for individuals to seek their own healing, and a relationship that allows this exploration is a healthy one. Honesty is always the best policy. Training is also available for those wanting to learn how to communicate their needs and boundaries better.