Melbourne Erotic Massage

erotic massage an adult experience

The sense of touch plays a vital role in sexual health. You can incorporate erotic massage into a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it is practiced by many couples in all parts of the globe, to improve their romantic relationships. 

We offer a premium erotic massage experience, with Ivy our specialist. Ivy has over 10 years accumulated of massage training, and can offer both singles and couples, expert guidance and the ultimate sensual massage experience.

What is this type of massage...

Erotic massage is a type of massage where the masseuses hands and body are used to arouse your sense of touch. It is regarded as the ultimate way to relax and excite a person concurrently, and is commonly believed to be a good way to improve the relationship and sexual confidence.

The history...

Erotic massage has a long history. This kind of massage was common in Eastern countries, like India and China, way back 2,000 years ago. 

In India, particular types of sensual massage like tantric massage were made to integrate spiritual and physical aspects. While in Western countries, it was traditionally utilised for healing purposes rather than sensuality. 

Tools available for your body...

The equipment or tools required for erotic massage can include many different sensations if needed. Here at Tantra Melbourne, we use a number to exhilarate you. 

We use special creams and oils made for this type of massage, all have scents, which assist in stimulating you. Almond oil is our #1 oil, that helps keep the hand’s movement flowing and smooth, while smelling amazing. 

We use several other things to heighten the session, different textures to boost the sensations, including different forms of cloth, velvet and silk. 

Setting for the massage & Melbourne location...

Ivy’s erotic massage experience is performed in a peaceful and quiet setting without interruptions. Eliminated distractions. The setting is comfortable and warm, with a big towel handy to lie on. 

We also use oil burners, candles, and incense sticks to liven up the setting, playing music to make it more erotic and sensual. 

Ivy is located 10 minutes from Melbourne CBD. Exact location will be provided upon booking confirmation.

Verified erotic techniques...

A lot of techniques are used in the session. San strokes, circle strokes as well as stretching strokes. In general, the erotic massage session will start with the variant of softer strokes to relax and soothe you, and then Ivy will go into stronger or harder methods as the massage progresses.

The perks...

Erotic massage can enhance your blood circulation, relax your muscles, tone your skin, and also releases endorphins (feel good chemicals). This massage can also massively improve your libido. The massage will evoke positive feelings, emotionally and physically, until you reach peak pleasure. 

Tantra Melbourne’s erotic massage is a sexy and healthy experience, lowering stress, boosting your oxytocin, giving you overall much better health, and a much more satisfying sex-life.