What is Tantra?

What is Tantra? Before getting started, you may be wondering: What is tantra? There are some common misconceptions about this ancient practice, which will hopefully be dispelled here. Let’s look at some of these misconceptions, practices, and expectations, and what exactly tantra is. Read on to discover how tantra can benefit you. There are several …

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The History of Tantra

If you’re interested in the History of Tantra, you’ve probably already come to the right place. This article explores the history of this ancient alchemical practice, from its enlightenment to its modern appropriation. Read on to discover how Tantra has shaped pop culture and history. We’ll also explore how it has influenced feminism and 1960s …

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What is Tantra?

In the Hindu tradition, the world is considered a mirage. This belief is in sharp contrast to Judeo-Christian ideas, which lean toward the body as a mere illusion. Tantra asserts that every natural creation is an expression of divinity, and every experience is potentially holy. In fact, the body is a vehicle of enlightenment. In …

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What is Tantric Massage?

What is Tantric Massage? The question of what is tantric massage may seem very strange to some people. But the answer lies in the many benefits this kind of bodywork offers. In the first place, tantric massage is a deeply relaxing experience. This type of massage can bring healing and harmonising influences to the recipient. …

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Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex:​ A way to awaken your creative & healing powers with tantra.

Tantric Sex is the specialty of utilizing your sexual energy.  What strikes your mind when you hear about tantric sex? People might think it’s about taking part in wired love-making postures and tantric rituals.  Tantric Sex might involve various postures depicted in “kama sutra” but it is not just that. It means to make love …

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