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Tantric Massage Melbourne

Let go of old conditioning, release emotional blockages, and experience profound healing and fulfillment.

tantric massage melbourne

Discover your innate capacity to heal, embrace your deepest essence, find lasting peace.

Tantra Melbourne offers traditional tantric massage therapy sessions for both women and men. You will learn the cornerstones of tantra, gain a deeper sense of yourself, and embark on a journey to your deepest innate essence. Located in central Melbourne, our offerings are for those seeking a more authentic and liberated expression of themselves and their sexuality. 

Through experiencing tantric massage, you are enhancing your love life, healing emotional traumas (whether conscious or unconscious), and fully allowing yourself to receive. 

Our therapeutic sessions are offered in a comfortable and private environment where individuals and couples who are ready to receive the gift of tantra can feel safe.


Tantric Massage Offerings

Lingam Massage

Are you ready to experience deep relaxation? To completely receive and have your senses heightened? Are you ready to work toward overcoming sexual shame or broaden your current experiences of pleasure?

Yoni Massage Therapy

Allow yourself to work through and let go of conditioned layers of protection. Reconnect to the vibrant and transformative energy that lies within. Feel yourself completely through your body.

Couples Training

This tantra training for couples is an incredibly powerful way to uncover our raw essence, build trust with our partner, increase intimacy and vulnerability, and expand our states of pleasures.


Happy Clients!

"The work I have done with Vanessa has been truly life-changing. From our first session, she helped me work through many deep layers of mental and emotional conditioning I didn’t even realise I was still holding onto. By holding a beautiful experience full of compassion, trust and integrity, Vanessa has helped me deepen my connection to both myself and my intimate partner. This work has had a profound impact on all aspects of my life - sexuality, health, confidence at work, accepting my body, and most notably my relationship. Vanessa’s work is powerful and I strongly recommend seeing her if you’re seeking lasting change!"


Benefits For Women

Lack of sensitivity and pain can indicate the presence of stuck emotions or blockages that inhibit our connection to our yonis and our sexuality. Yoni massage gently disengages these barriers to our pleasure and wellbeing.

Old emotional baggage can weigh us down inside and outside of the bedroom. Let go of this baggage in a safe and loving container so you can experience psychological, sexual and spiritual freedom.

Most women still carry the outdated stories we inherited growing up that our sexuality was something to be ashamed of, to keep hidden and out of sight. These stories often stand between us and our most empowered self-loving expression of self.

Only when we are loose and natural in our bodies can we truly let our guards down. Learn to let go of unconscious tension and contractions picked up from a lifetime of protecting yourself or making yourself small.

To truly heal and find freedom from our past, we need to go to the root of our challenges. When we are free from the past, we may find peace in the moment.

Underneath the conditioning and layers of protection lies a liberated and empowered woman yearning to claim her space in the world. Healing the seat of our feminine essence – our sacred yonis – allows us to embody our true self.

Managing sexual energy is key to a healthy and integrated sexual-life. Some may feel there’s too much, some may feel there’s too little. Yoni massage can help you to integrate and accept wherever you’re at.

Vanessa Masseuse in Melbourne

About Vanessa

Vanessa’s sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs as she understands the vast array of experiences and challenges that her male and female clients encounter with themselves, their intimate relationships and life. She is based in Melbourne Australia.

Why Should You Choose Vanessa?

Vanessa is a professional tantra therapist and certified masseuse, trained in tantric massage, reiki, Thai massage, and kundalini yoga. She is based in Melbourne, Australia, but works globally at various times through-out the year.

After working with hundreds of people in this field, Vanessa loves and understands the importance of establishing a genuine and caring connection during sessions with her clients. 



Benefits For Men

One of the top sexual health concerns that men are dealing with today. Premature Ejaculation (PE) is defined as a total lack of control when it comes to ejaculating, however, PE can also be interpreted as someone who has little control or simply ejaculates quickly.

Through tantric bodywork, seeing into the subconscious and feeling into the body’s physiology, many men are able to overcome this. Tantric massage can improve premature or ‘early’ ejaculation through various techniques and training.

Another top concern that men are experiencing is anxiety related to sex and intimacy. Performance anxiety, or difficulty in being able to hold/maintain an erection, is often a result of the subconscious being in a state of resistance towards intimacy.

Tantric massages can assist by removing old programming and reconditioning both the mind and physical body. It can help you learn how to fully relax, receive and explore full body sensations.

By considering traditional tantric therapy, your journey into the world of tantra has already begun. Improve the depth and connection of your lovemaking not only with others but also yourself. Tantric practices allow you to truly get to know your body, fully experience relaxation and ultimately your sexual energy (life force energy).

It is only when we know ourselves that we may fully know others. Once you have enhanced your connection to yourself, you will also be able to enhance your experiences with others around you. After all, life is full of relationships.

Through experiencing tantric massage, you are gifting yourself a new way of being. Tantra allows you to have the life you have always desired. Tantra allows us to see life itself through the lens of peace and joy, and to feel through the heart.

Becoming intimate, or experiencing vulnerability, can be challenging for some. Tantric massage aims to help men embody their divine masculine power, which is central to authentic confidence both inside and outside the bedroom.

When we fully embody our primal energy, we experience a deep sense of alignment and purpose, and move through the world peacefully, yet powerfully.

Many people experience a sense of guilt or shame when it comes to their sex lives. These uncomfortable feelings can persist longer than desired and be the underlying cause of many challenges. Tantric massage therapy helps to heal these deeper aspects that may be inhibiting a full experience of life and lovemaking.

When our bodies are in a relaxed state we are able to feel more. Being able to surrender and fully receive is a challenge for many people, however, by using the breath as an anchor and receiving traditional tantric massage, many men are able to drop into a state of deeper relaxation.

By acknowledging and slowly working through any historical trauma/s (sexual or otherwise) space is then naturally created for what is possible. Sexual trauma can significantly impact not only ones sexuality and sex life but also ones interpersonal relationships. By addressing this somatically you are making the decision to fully reclaim what has always been yours.

kasey therapy

About Kasey

Kasey believes in a world where radical self-expression is not only welcomed but celebrated, where intimacy is shared and valued. Offering traditional tantric therapy, Kasey specialises in helping men heal their relationships with both themselves and others.

Why Should You Choose Kasey?

As an Intimacy Educator, Kasey is accredited and trained in conscious communication, radical self-expression, traditional tantra, tantric massage and various modalities of sexuality. 

She is known for creating a safe environment where you are able to be your innermost self, shedding layers of insecurity, and building your overall confidence.

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