Sacred Tantra Massage Melbourne

Experience Profound Healing Through Traditional Tantric Lingam & Yoni Massage

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Do you want to…

Boost your vitality, libido and feel more energised?

Have healthier relationships with deeper connection?

Heal wounds around your sexuality and your love life?

Experience connection and exquisite pleasure, while reconnecting with your entire body?

Use your sexual energy as a guide and compass?

If you answered yes to any of these, then I can help you via Tantric Massage.

Tantra Melbourne: Full Body Massage & Bodywork Treatments

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Lingam Massage

Connect to the most powerful force that lies within you - your sexual energy. Lingam Massage can improve PE & ED, release you of performance anxiety, and get you in touch with your masculinity.

2 Hour Session

Yoni Massage/Mapping

Release the many layers of conditioning that you have build up as protection. Reconnect to transformative Tantric energy that lies within you, and heal sexual trauma stored in your body.

3 Hour Session

Prostate Massage

The prostate is one of the greatest untapped pleasure centres of the body. This ‘sacred spot’ is the centre of a man’s emotions and sexuality. Stimulation can lead to the most sublime orgasm you have ever experienced.

2 Hour Session

Tantra For Couples

This tantric massage training is for both singles and couples who want to learn the sensual art of tantric massage, and increase intimacy with current or future partners. Couples tantra sessions available.

3 Hour Session

Benefits for Men

PE (premature ejaculation) and ED (erectile dysfunction) are often a result of your subconscious protecting you from deeper vulnerability and intimacy. Lingam Massage can help you release and recondition your body and penis.

Many men have a lot of shame and negative conditioning about sexuality (especially if learnt at an early age). If you have blocks on your love and feelings, this will play a hand in you feeling numb sexually or performing poorly, even with a partner. Tantric massage can help you overcome these feelings.

Performance anxiety effects most men at some point in their sex lives. This can escalate and manifest in physical conditions such as ED or PE. Lingam Massage helps you be in the moment and reclaim your sexual confidence.

Tantric wisdom says that sexual energy to be the same as life energy. It’s just a different label. Through stress and sexual trauma/anxiety, this erotic energy can drop. Sexual energy is the most powerful type of energy in the body. When you increase it through tantric massage, your entire life improves, not just sexually.

Benefits for Women

Orgasmic pleasure is your birthright. For many women, orgasming with their hand or with a device isn’t a problem, but issues arise when having sex with a partner. Then there are women who have not had an orgasm at all. Yoni Massage can help with both of these.

After experiencing sexual trauma, especially at an early age, one might wonder if they will ever heal themselves completely. Tantric massage helps you to release these blockages, emotionally as well as physically. Un-link yourself from your trauma and begin to experience authentic pleasure.

Sex is meant to be pleasurable and satisfying, and yet many women experience pain or numbness with their partner. If you fear making love more than looking forward to it, Yoni massage might really be of help to you experience full range of sensation again.

In my tantric massage sessions, the focus is on the energy exchanged between one spiritual being and another. On top of spiritual transformation, Tantric practices and massages lead to a more fulfilling and erotic sex life, full of benefits, and better overall health.

About Luna

Luna has helped hundreds of men, women and couples, internationally and around Australia, to start their tantra journey.

Based in Melbourne, she will help you start a new relationship with yourself through her tantric massage sessions. 

She has spent time as a social worker, nurse, massage therapist and tantric healer. 

Sessions in a comfortable, private and safe setting, not far from Melbourne CBD.

Tantra Massage Melbourne

Enquiries & Bookings

If you would like to make a booking, or if you have any questions about tantric massage, get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please allow at least 24 hours notice for bookings.