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Liberate your sexual energy, release emotional blockages and experience profound transformation and growth.



tantric massage melbourne

Ivy is a Melbourne based tantric massage expert specialising in all areas tantra-related to heal & rejuvenate you physically and mentally.

Traditional Tantric Massage

A proper tantric massage will help you to release past sexual trauma

Difficulties Orgasming

If you're having problems orgasming, Ivy can help

Healing Touch & Body Work

Your body holds onto everything from the past

Low Libido

Ivy can help you to get your sexual desire back

Tantra Training for Singles & Couples

Want to learn Tantra for yourself or for your relationship?

Couples Massage

Ivy and her partner can provide a couples tantra massage


Who Is Ivy?

Regardless of what you want out of your experience, Ivy has the expertise that can assist you in a private and professional manner. 

Ivy is a sensual tantric massage expert. She is also a tantra trainer who has helped hundreds of couples and individuals.
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What have past clients said?

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tantric sessions

Ivy has worked with over 250 individuals and couples 


Ivy has worked all throughout the world in the tantra industry

WHAT ARE THE Benefits of Tantra?

Physically, tantra increases blood circulation, which improves your overall sexual health. It emphasises deep and quality breathing, helping you to relax and detoxify the body. Plus the increased heart rate means a strengthened immune system. All of these factors contribute to rejuvenation and longevity. 

But emotionally, tantra is much more. It increases your capacity for pleasure (which is your birthright and a critical aspect of life), and helps you heal emotional wounds from the past. You will naturally feel happier, healthier, and more passionate about your life.

Join Our Happy Customers

Tantra Melbourne offers services to both men, women and couples.

Ivy is independently trained, professional and well-known in the industry.

She have provided tantric massages throughout the world, and is now based in Melbourne (not far from the CBD).

Ivy offers a large range of tantric massage services, yoni massages, lingam massages, intimacy coaching, and healing sexual blockages.